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Call for Applications: MWP Student Success Interns

October 26, 2020 - 9:00am

We are currently seeking a Student Success intern to work with MWP administration and faculty to learn to review student-focused assessment materials, to participate alongside MWP faculty (and our campus partners) in assessment-focused discussions, and to help us design a student focus group or similar measure to find out how our program is doing in our work with students. 


Student Success Intern Project Description 

The Merritt Writing Program (MWP) and Writing Studies faculty administer a curriculum founded on high-impact teaching practices. The MWP is at a crucial juncture in asking questions to inform its value to campus and students, particularly for first-year composition and upper division writing course student experiences and learning outcomes.


How to Apply?

STEP 1: Log in and search on Handshake the key words: Student Success Internships

STEP 2: ApplySubmit your resume and cover letter on Handshake to projects of interest.


Do I Get Paid?

A project provides students with the opportunity to apply classroom learning to real-world experiences. Upon completion of theproject, the student will receive $3,000 awarded through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships as a student stipend and will be added to your financial aid awards.

For more information, contact Brian O'Bruba, Center for Career & Professional


Applications now open.  Review of applications begins October 25, 2020.