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Academic Review Committee (ARC)

Purpose: The Academic Review Committee periodically assesses the demonstrated teaching excellence of Non-Senate Faculty Lecturers in the MWP. Committee duties include: 1) Conduct preliminary, formative, and summative confidential assessments of demonstrated academic excellence for Unit 18 lecturers in the MWP undergoing Academic Review; 2) Generate and submit reports to candidates under review as well as to the MWP Director; 3) Serve in an advisory capacity to candidates and to the MWP Director regarding review processes; 4) Conduct pre-assessment mentoring for MWP candidates to assist in composing documentation of teaching excellence.

Current initiatives:


Name E-mail Notes
Heather Devrick Chair
Susan Bohrer  
John Haner  
Catherine Koehler  
Tessa McIntire  
Andrea Mele  
Derek Merrill  
Susan Miller  
Iris Ruiz  
David Samper  
De Ette Silbaugh  
Matt Snyder  
Jane Wilson