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Eileen Kogl Camfield

Teaching Professor

Ed.D. in Higher Education from University of the Pacific
M.A. Educational Administration and Leadership, University of the Pacific
B.A. in English Literature from University of California at Berkeley
Teaching and Research Interests 
Eileen’s deep commitment to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion connects with her research interests pertaining to student success, writing self-efficacy development, resilience theory, and authentic assessment.
Selected Publications, Presentations, and Professional Activities

Camfield, E. K. and Bayers, L. (2019). Mindful Assessment in Support of Student Learning. Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. In press.

Camfield, E.K., Beaster-Jones, L., Miller, A.D., & Land, K.L. (2019). Using writing in science class to understand and activate student engagement and self-efficacy. [Chapter 8] In J. J. Mintzes & E. M. Walter (Eds.), Active learning in college science: The case for evidence-based practice (pp. TBD). New York, NY: Springer. In press.

Camfield, E.K. (2019). Beyond the blame game: How faculty culture in higher education constrains change. In. B. Durodoye & R. Bryant (Eds.) From disagreement to discourse: A chronicle of controversies in schooling and education (pp. TBD). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. In press, December 2019 anticipated release date.

Mannon, S. & Camfield, E.K. (2019) Sociology students as storytellers: What narrative sociology and C. Wright Mills can teach us about writing in the discipline. Teaching Sociology.

Camfield, E. K., Killick, L. & Lewis, R. (2018). Activating the ‘fund of attention’ to empower student peer review. Journal of Teaching Writing, 33(1), 1-22.
o Reprinted with supplemental materials in Best of Articles in Composition and Rhetoric 2019, Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.
o Reprinted in Pauszek, J. (ed.) (2019) Writing Inquiry (2nd edition), Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press.

Bayers, L. & Camfield, E.K. (10 March 2018) Student shaming and the need for academic empathy. Hybrid Pedagogy. .

Scott, A.N., Miller, A., Camfield, E., & Land, K. M. (2018). An unconventional collaboration at the college level to improve STEM student success. The School Psychologist,72 (2 special issue), 58-65.

Camfield, E.K. & Land, K. M. (2017). The evolution of student engagement: Writing
improves teaching in introductory biology courses. Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching, 43(1), 20-26. ISSN 1539-2422.

Camfield, E K. (2016). Mediated-efficacy: Hope for “helpless” writers. Journal of Developmental Education, 39(3), 2-11.

Camfield, E. K., McFall E.E. & Land, K.M. (2015). Leveraging innovation in science education: Using writing to decode the class size conundrum. Liberal Education,
101(4)/102(1), 64-71.

Camfield, E. K. (2015). Fast and fruitful: Effective writing assessment for determining the
success of new initiatives. Assessment Update 28(6), 5-14. doi:10.1002/au.30039

Camfield, E. K. (2009). The need for (em)powerful teaching. Liberal Education 95(4).

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