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Advisory Board

Since its establishment in Fall 2017, the Merritt Writing Program’s Advisory Board has had one overall purpose: to support regular opportunities for representative MWP faculty voices in program planning. 

Ideally, the MWP Advisory Board includes no fewer than nine (9) MWP lecturers with assigned Workload Equivalencies (IWEs) and three (3) elected volunteer positions. The board also has input from MWP administration, Writing Studies Senate faculty, and other invited constituencies, such as the Writing Center Director (added as a member in Spring of 2019), and a librarian representative.  The MWP Advisory Board meets on a routine basis. Board meetings are scheduled outside of teaching assignment times. 

The goal of this structure is to:

  • Share and strengthen writing program administrative activities;
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Sustain pedagogical rigor and professional engagement opportunities;
  • Foster regular communication of planning within the program;
  • Maintain shared record of board activities, featuring individual and cooperative planning. 

AY 2021-2022 MWP Advisory Board

Current Advisory Board members are:

Additional Input and Representation from