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Course Overrides

MWP pre-requisites are part of each official MWP CRF (Course Request Form -- the official record of the course that includes course description, class size, pre-requisites, etc), as kept on file internally and by the Registrar's Office. Pre-requisite issues are sent to Linda Hart Tolley by the Registrar's Office for further review in the months and weeks leading up to each semester.

To request an override for an upper division course, please contact Paul Gibbons ( with the following Override Request Form.

The CRF and each petitioning student's academic record will determine if an appeal is approved or denied.  If approved, an override will be placed on behalf of that student allowing her/him to retain his/her enrollment in that course.  If denied, the Registrar's Office will drop the student's enrollment and will also contact her/him at that time.